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Jack Bodell

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Bill Viola Jr. is president of Kumite Classic Entertainment and author of Godfathers of MMA and Amazon #1 best selling Tough Guys. His film Tough Guys made its SHOWTIME television debut in 2017.

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MMA Pioneer Jack Bodell


Jack Bodell was contracted by CV Productions Inc. as a national MMA referee in 1979 and worked fights in New Kensington, Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Philadelphia and Greensburg along side World Heavyweight Kickboxing champion Jacquet Bazemore.  Bodell was know around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the “Presidents Bodyguard” due to his position in the United States Secret Service (responsible to proteting President Jimmy Carter).  Bodell was the first black belt promoted by Bill Viola, the founder of Allegheny Shotokan Karate and co-creator of the sport of MMA.

jack bodell mma

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