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MMA Timeline

mma family tree

MMA Timeline: The Roots of Mixed Martial Arts History

mma timeline

Mixed Martial Arts History Timeline

The History of MMA Mixed Martial Arts

Endeavor Era 2017 4 billion dollar price tag connor mcgregor
Mainstream 2005 Ultimate Fighter on Spike saves UFC
UFC-Zuffa Era 2001 moneitzed it
Pride 1997 Competition to UFC
UFC-SEG Era 1995 refinded it
UFC- WOW Era 1993 global introduction Gracie Jiu-Jitsu explosion
Pancrase 1992 hybrid of pro wrestling and mma
Shooto 1986 shoot wrestling hybrid Sayama Satoru
Tough Guy Law 1983 PA Sentate Bill 632 Outlaws mixed martial arts
Tough Guys 1979 Birth of American MMA sport/league 1980  Pennsylvania Senate Bill 632 Outlaws MMA (Tough Guy Law)
Ali vs Inoki 1976 Boxer vs Wrestler reemerge
Bruce Lee Early 1970s Enter The Dragon boom
Gene LeBell vs Milo Savage 1963 First televised mixed-fight
Vale Tudo 1920s mixed-fights sideshows popular around the world
Mitsuyo Maeda 1914 Prize fighting Judoka settles in brazil.  Teaches the Gracies Judo who inturn morph it into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Karate & Judo spread turn of century
Pankration 648 BC
Dawn of mankind indigenous forms of hand to hand combat fighting develops around the world
Roots of MMA
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