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Sensei Says ® is an award-winning martial arts and education curriculum.

Sensei Says was created by best selling author, self help samurai, and motivational mentor Bill Viola Jr.  Sensei Bill Jr’s father, Bill Viola Sr., is not only a pioneer of Martial Arts instruction, but is also a retired public school teacher serving over 30 years.  The one-of-a-kind education platform infuses modern character education with traditional Japanese martial arts.  The cornerstone of the course is personal growth and positive thinking.  Sensei Says is structured by an innovative rotation of 12 monthly life skills:  RESPECT, COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, FOCUS, TEAMWORK, DETERMINATION, PATIENCE, EFFORT, CONFIDENCE, FRIENDSHIP, GOOD MANNERS, and SPORTSMANSHIP.

The high-energy interactive classes synergize physical fitness and mental focus through custom age-specific karate drills, games, and exercises. The course is as EXCITING as it is MOTIVATING!  The core principals of discipline and work ethic are balanced with fun and positive reinforcement. The goal-oriented program encourages daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to spark continual personal growth, determination, and dedication.  When children level up, so does their self-esteem!  Our Life skills program has helped thousands of children find their purpose and passion!  Join us and build a healthy body, sharp mind, and strong spirit!  Your child could be our next Black Belt in Life.

bill viola jrCongratulations to best selling author Bill Viola Jr. on his latest book, “CommonSensei.” His chapter “Sensei Says” is a motivational read for anyone, not just martial artists.  Viola Jr. was the inspiration behind “Godfathers of MMA” which was the basis of the upcoming film Tough Guys.

“Being a SENSEI isn’t for everyone, but everyone needs a SENSEI.”  -Bill Viola Jr.