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boxing vs mma

Toughman vs Tough Guy

Toughman vs Tough Guy controversy Toughman (Boxing) vs Tough Guy (MMA) 1979-1983   Toughman:  Est. 1979 by Art Dore, Bay City Michigan (Ardore) Tough Guy: Est. 1979 by  Bill Viola & …

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History of MMA

The History of MMA  “Mixing martial arts” Know your facts from fiction… History of MMA:  Exploring MMA’s roots and the origin of mixed martial arts. © Bill Viola Jr.  All rights reserved.  (used with …

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When did MMA start?

“March 20th was more than the beginning of Spring, it was the birth of what many are calling a new sport…This first-in-history event sold out three consecutive nights.”         –News-Dispatch (April …

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