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When did MMA start?

“March 20th was more than the beginning of Spring, it was the birth of what many are calling a new sport…This first-in-history event sold out three consecutive nights.”         –News-Dispatch (April …

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Len Pettigrew NFL meets MMA

Pro-Athletes entered the world of mixed martial arts long before the inaugural UFC in 1993.  Meet Len Petigrew, the first pro-sports athlete to cross-over and compete in MMA. Len Pettigrew …

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pa coat of arms

Tough Guy Law

The Tough Guy Law Q:  What was the legal definition of “Tough Guy” competitions A:  According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1981, CV Productions service marks:  “Tough Guy” & “Battle of Brawlers” events were legally …

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zuffa myth

Dana Doubleday

Dana Doubleday The Zuffa Myth Americans have always been smitten with folklore; be it Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, or Davey Crockett, we just can’t help ourselves. The national pastime is …

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CV Productions MMA

CV (Caliguri and Viola) Productions Presents the Godfathers of MMA. The first mixed martial arts league in history (1979-1983). Mma Pioneers:  The Firsts CV (Caliguri and Viola) Productions was the …

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Jack Bodell

MMA Pioneer Jack Bodell Jack Bodell was contracted by CV Productions Inc. as a national MMA referee in 1979 and worked fights in New Kensington, Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Philadelphia and Greensburg along side …

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Jacquet Bazemore

Jacquet Bazemore, Referee Today we have Big John McCarthy, but in 1979 we had Big Jacquet Bazemore. Jacquet was a Pioneer of mixed martial arts and the first MMA referee …

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tough guy contest 1980

Tough Guy Contest

Tough Guy Contest! The men who invented a new sport: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The Rise and fall of MMA 1979-1983 MMA’S FORGOTTEN FOREFATHERS The Tough Guy contest introduced regulated MMA competition …

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MMA History Book

Godfathers of MMA, reveals the untold history of mixed martial arts MMA A new MMA history book is set to release in 2015 Here is a teaser:  What do an …

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The father of mixed martial arts

Who is father of mma modern mixed martial arts? We examine the facts. Who’s Your Daddy? Alexander Cartwright, James Naismith and Walter Camp all share a similar rite of passage, …

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